Lagoon Valley Classic

Saturday, September 7
This is a parent drive/carpool meet.
All parent drivers are required to log in to XCStats carpool function and list athletes in their car.  Details for how to do this will be sent to all parents in a separate e-mail.  Please list passengers when departing for the meet and list passengers when departing for home.

Driving time is 35 minutes.  There will be a $5.00 charge for parking at Lagoon Valley Park.

Early Departure from Davis High
f you're leaving early and have extra seat belts, please meet us at the Vet's parking lot.
We don't want to leave anyone home.

6:30 am Meet at Vet’s parking lot
6:45 am Depart Vet’s parking lot
7:15 am Arrive Lagoon Valley Park

Team Area: Look for our Blue Team EZ Up shelter west of the dog park. Call Tim 530 400-1315 or Bill 530 304-9221 if you can’t find us.

Arrive at least 1 hour 30 minutes before your race time if you’re not leaving from Vet’s parking lot at 6:45 am, but not later than 8:20 am (in time to watch Freshmen Boys race). 

Athletes are not allowed to drive themselves to the meet.

All athletes are expected to stay until the last race of the day is over. Athletes who wish to leave earlier must make a request for early departure to Coach Tim or Coach Bill and must do a cool down run for at least 10 minutes after their race.

Driving Directions
Westbound – Take 80W to Lagoon Valley Road.  Turn left on Lagoon Valley Road and follow the road approximately a mile to the back entrance of the park.  There will be an attendant to collect the $5.00 parking fee and to give you instructions on where to park.  

Race Schedule
8:30 am        Freshmen Boys                           2 Miles 

8:45 am        Frosh/Soph Girls                         2 Miles 

9:00 am        Soph Boys                                   2 Miles 

9:25 am        Varsity Girls – Large School       3 Miles 

10:35 am        Varsity Boys - Large School      3 Miles 

11:30 am        Junior Varsity Boys                     2 Miles 

11:45 am        Junior Varsity Girls                      2 Miles 

12:00 noon    Open/Coaches Race                  2 Miles